Elite Innovative Solutions Inc is a cloud-based, on-demand software testing service that saves time and money. Simply browse through a catalog of services, place a service request and receive an instant quote. Fastest delivers end-to-end non-functional testing – all with faster quicker turnaround and less cost than any other in-house or managed service option.

Features and Benefits

On-Demand and Instant:

Few companies today can afford to keep specialized script specialists or a complete testing infrastructure on hand just for peak development periods. With Elite Innovative Solutions, you gain instant access to certified, crowd-sourced testing specialists, backed by our powerful cloud-based platform, our field-proven tools and frameworks. Our digitized platform lets you get started within 72 hours. Its faster than ordering your favorite book online!

Fast and Efficient

Long software release cycles are relics of the past: today’s winners are able to bring high?quality applications and services to market quickly, frequently and affordably. Access our quick start questionnaire to describe your testing needs and we’ll give you a quote instantly. You can customize your dashboard, review deliverables, manage your requests and track progress real time from anywhere—all from a single, intuitive interface.

Comprehensive and Flexible

Choose from a wide range of services, tools, devices and infrastructure flexibly packaged to help you make the right choice. Whether your project requires mobile, cross-browser, security or automation testing, with EISI you get the specific test services you need, when you need and pay only for as long as you need them.