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Big data application development and deployment — faster, easier and far less complex

Big data solutions are no longer a nice-to-have. With so much value lying dormant within and beyond traditional repositories, harnessing its power is nothing less than mission-critical. Elite Innovative Solutions makes it easy to unlock the value of all your structured, unstructured and semi-structured data. Our big data solutions allow your organization to realize game-changing insights, operate with unprecedented speed and agility, and gain a true competitive edge.

Elite provides a fully integrated and managed Big Data Platform in an as-a-Service model that utilizes advanced web-scale technologies to enable application developers to quickly develop, test and deploy applications that require any combination of ad hoc, batch and real-time analytics.

Elite Big Data Platform as a Service allows you to:

  • Have a full managed, analytic development environment ready to use in under 30 days, not months, and scale to address the most complex hybrid environments
  • Support batch, adhoc and in-memory analytics
  • Provide application developers a platform designed to ingest, integrate and manage data from any source and in any format
  • Benefit from the technologies and operating principles that underpin Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo and other businesses that rely on big data to improve customer experience, generate revenue, improve operations, manage risk more effectively and transform business processes
  • Ensure that your environment is always available, performs at scale and grows as needed

How ELITE Big Data as a Service work ?


Elite’s service eliminates the implementation and operational headaches caused by big data. Our proprietary systems management wraps a proven configuration of standard open source technologies to provide a robust, scalable, secure and reliable service, giving you a simple, developer-friendly environment. Elite service comes with the option of a modular security approach to appropriately protect your data and support regulatory compliance requirements like PCI, HIPPA. It can be deployed in public cloud, virtual private cloud, enterprise private cloud and dedicated clusters depending on your business use case and data sensitivities.

Our service allows you to focus on creating the applications that will drive value for your business instead of spending your time learning to design, test, deploy and manage a secure, scalable and available big data “infrastructure stack.” Our primary services include

  • Hadoop — Elastic Hadoop clusters and batch analytics
  • Queries — NoSQL database and ad hoc, query-based analytics
  • Streams — Streaming data and real-time analytics

Elite service offers a range of options so it can be tailored to support a wide variety of use cases from proofs of concept through to real-time machine to machine predictive analytics using web-scale data volumes.

Elite Innovative Solutions Big Data provides an end-to-end data solution to solve your most complicated business challenges. This open subscription allows you to support all your data, forever and put it all in a centralized Business Data Lake. Elite Innovative Solutions Big Data enables your users, developers, and data experts with a complete scale of data management tools. Unlocking the enterprise and generating adjustable real-time, interactive and quantity analytics, Elite Innovative Solutions Big Data defines the ‘integration value’ of various data sets and types that live in the Business Data Lake.

We combine data analytics skills with domain expertise to help manage risk, comply with regulations, enhance products and manage your business transformation challenges.

We partner with consumer goods manufacturers, creating innovative solutions and strategies that keep them price-competitive.

To identify and implement solutions and benefit from the value that big data brings, we help healthcare organizations envision, plan and implement.