Elite takes care of business processes
so you can take care of your business

Our Business Process Management (BPM) software helps enterprises embrace change by improving operational efficiencies, time-to-market and compliance

All with one single platform that customers actually enjoy using

What makes Elite different?


Simple is smart. Clutter-free screens, intuitive design and easy integration with customers’ portals deliver an optimal user experience whether on desktop, mobile or tablet.


Our BPM software designed for re-use, built for integration. Transform process maps into running applications without code. No other BPMS gets you to market so quickly.

Light Footprint

Less hardware, lower implementation costs, fewer consultants. BPMS that delivers at less than 50% of competitive systems and 30% of in-house development.


Say goodbye to silos and departmental divisions with ELITE BPMS. Join the dots between business and IT by hiding away unnecessary complexities so your people can focus on what matters.

Elite BPM is a comprehensive, model-based business process management (BPM) system that empowers you to build adaptable solutions and provide the best customer experience. Elite delivers real-time, context-relevant insight into critical business operations and tools to change business rules and logic without involving IT.

Elite’s approach to business process alignment dramatically reduces your TCO without sacrificing key capabilities so you can:

  • Bridge process gaps between existing systems without disrupting critical operations
  • Optimize efficiency by narrowing focus based on priority and relevance
  • Maximize profit by responding to business needs through real-time process analysis
  • Reduce time-to-resolution through automated exceptional situation handling
  • Integrate with Aurea DataXtend, Sonic and Actional to create a rich customer experience platform

With Elite’s enterprise-scale capabilities you can institute a culture of continuous improvement in a dynamic environment with real-time monitoring and in-depth process analysis.

Elite Innovative Solutions Business Process Management (BPM) allows businesses to immediately understand and automate even the most complex methods with software tools that provide strategic CIOs to work with lines of business to recognize new opportunities to make their plan of increase and innovation.

The BPM Process consists of solutions for event management, master data management, service delivery and business process clarity. It provides process capacity for all Elite Innovative Solutions through AppWorks integration. These developer tools and APIs expedite time to value for the client and increase their experience to emphasize and innovate critical process abilities.


Pega BPM facilitates business-IT collaboration throughout the BPM project lifecycle. Business-friendly forms and visual tools capture every aspect of how work gets done—from process to user interfaces, rules, and integration.

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