The Oracle Database is the #1 database among SAP customers around the globe, with a large and growing customer base that gains long-term cost benefits from the two companies’ integrated technologies. Organizations can run SAP applications with Oracle databases on the same code base on Unix, Linux, and Windows operating systems.

SAP customers using Oracle Database receive first-class database support from both Oracle and SAP, and can leverage innovative technologies to reduce costs, boost performance, and increase efficiency.

Oracle Database 11g

With the release of Oracle Database 11g Release 2, SAP customers benefit from innovative features such as self-tuning database components, sophisticated partitioning schemes, and data compression that enables high performance, greater scalability, and optimal hardware resource allocation for enterprise applications. Oracle Database 11g Release 2 Enterprise Edition comes with a wide range of options to extend the world’s #1 database to help fuel business growth and meet your users’ performance, security, and availability service-level expectations.

By deploying Oracle Database 11g Release 2 within their IT architecture, SAP customers can reduce server and storage costs, eliminate idle redundancy, and improve quality of service. Learn how Oracle Database features and options provide distinct benefits to organizations deploying SAP:

  • Performance and Scalability
  • Deployment Flexibility
  • Availability and Reliability
  • Support for Very Large Databases Security
  • Manageability and Self-management
  • Reduced Cost of Ownership

Application Services for Java

Businesses and governments face greater pressure than ever to drive excellence in business and IT operations—to simplify IT, increase IT agility and be smart about using disruptive technology.Java’s IT benefits help organizations do just that. Java is open, portable and platform-agnostic. It is beneficial in scenarios as diverse as deploying applications to the cloud or integrating on a variety of middleware platforms.

Elite helps organizations create sophisticated, enterprise-scale Java-based solutions using tried-and-tested methodologies and increased automation—helping to reduce application development efforts between 10 and 25 percent. Accenture helps enterprises harness Java’s full potential to:

  • Improve delivery quality through standardized architectures and tools across the application portfolio, from mobile to cloud to Web to packaged software.
  • Increase predictability through standardized confirmation and transitions points, deliverable templates and workflows.
  • Reduce delivery cost through an optimal mix of resources.
  • Leverage emerging technologies to deliver an enhanced user experience.

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